Culture Is Life: Preventing Indigenous Youth Suicide. Why Warriers Pty Ltd:  Empowering Indigenous Australians through private clan based business development. Teaching cross cultural solutions for working with Indigenous people. ANTaR: Changing the attitudes and behaviours of non-Indigenous Australians so that the rights and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are respected and affirmed across all sections of society. Blackfella Films: The First Australians seven part documentary about Australian History. The Black Card: Delivering Cultural Education & Training Across Australia. IndigenousX: Providing a platform for Indigenous people to tell their stories. Educating and enlightening dominant culture people about Indigenous people. Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness: Operating on the South Coast of NSW, on Yuin Country,  Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness is an Aboriginal owned and operated Cultural service helping the wider community understand koori culture. Blackvine Digital: Bringing digital equity to Australia’s First Peoples.


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